Tips on How to Select a Domain Name

These few tips can make a big difference when you start having your own website. Domain name can be a powerful tool in marketing your business. 


1. Short and Simple

Domains are easily remembered when they are short and simple. It is best to limit the name with two to three words to avoid misspellings. Putting special characters or hyphens is not recommendable since most people are not likely to remember them when typing your URL. Also, avoid naming your website with words like “” 



2. Descriptive

The domain name should describe what your website is all about. This will help you gain advantage on knowing what people are searching for in your website. For example, you have an website selling jewelry. “” is a descriptive and relevant name for your website.





3.  Stick with a .com domain name

Using a .com extension is highly recommended especially when it comes to commercial websites. People are more familiar with a .com extension. Take note that a .org is used for non-profit organizations. Therefore, it is important to get a .com domain name if you are in a business.





4. Avoid using numbers

People who are searching in the internet may find your domain name with numbers difficult to find and this can end up losing your business. You may want to remove these numbers to avoid complications and loss of viewers.





5. Unique

A unique domain name is a key in achieving success in your business. The more unique it is, the more it would stand out from your competitors. Never choose a name that is already existing to avoid legal problems. 






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